DIY Easter Bunny Jars

DIY Easter Bunny Jars

I really thought I was going to run out of time to DIY my Easter gifts this year as having two toddlers is so much crazier than I could have ever imagined!! However, once you're a Mum you definitely learn how to pull things together last minute and I am pretty happy with what I managed to create yesterday evening. Here is my very rushed tutorial which I have literally thrown together in between settling and resettling a poorly bubba so apologies for any spelling mistakes!

Here's my last minute gift idea which would work perfectly for Easter table place names too. 

What you will need:
  • Jars with cork lids (I bought mine on Amazon so I was able to get them delivered the next day)
  • Chocolate Lindt Bunnies or something similar in size (You need to make sure they will fit through the opening of the jars)
  • Green shredded paper (Again I ordered this on Amazon so it came with the jars
  • Name tags and string (The jars I ordered from Amazon came with really sweet little tags so I will link those here)

The jars came in this polystyrene base which is actually so handy for storing them/transporting them. 

All you need to do once you've got all of your bits is scrunch up the shredded paper and place at the bottom of the glass. Pop you bunnies in and add your tags.

Et Voila! Easy as that! 


I did think these could make great Easter Wedding favours and you could change up the colours and theme for different occasions i.e mini reindeers with white shredded paper for Christmas, little ghosts with orange or black paper for Halloween, I think these are definitely going to be a gift idea I use time and time again now. 

If you do make some of your own then please share your images with us on Instagram @theducksinarowshop

Happy Easter!!

Easter gift jar idea with little chocolate bunnies

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